The Challenge

Frontmedia specialises in print design services as well as creative web design and web development. The company prides itself on its reputation, not just for contemporary design, but also for its full business services. It boasts a portfolio of UK and international clients including EMAP and Royal Mail.

Despite its success with clients, Frontmedia was still developing its own marketing strategy. Being a full service agency poses challenges, ahi its not always the best strategy. The company’s directors come from diverse backgrounds and their range of skills made it difficult to define a strategy that both reflected their individual objectives and unified them as a team. Frontmedia approached KG Moore for assistance with defining its marketing strategy and communicating it clearly and effectively to the market.

The Solution

We took a structured approach to developing a marketing strategy with input from the entire Frontmedia management team. During discovery sessions, we examined the company’s services, and with the help of strategy tools, determined which services should be emphasised now and which ones need to be developed over time. We used the BCG Matrix to decide which services Frontmedia should continue to invest in. As a result, the organisation has been able to make more informed decisions.

Frontmedia is now confident that their structured marketing plan will increase brand awareness and provide the roadmap for the successful implementation of inbound marketing tactics. Within days of the website launch, Frontmedia experienced a significant increase in visitor numbers, visitor quality and mobile device visits. It also received enquiries via its new online enquiry form, and interested parties signed up to its opt-in newsletter.


Kim is sympathetic to our business and knows what we need. She understands the mechanics of a company and the dynamics of different personalities. She facilitated the discussions that helped individuals in Frontmedia find common ground and has developed a consistent and effective marketing strategy. Kim has handled the project very skilfully.

Stefan Cybichowski

Commercial Director

Project Details

Client: Frontmedia

Frontmedia Logo


The Hostcomm logo over a connected world

Hostcomm – Proposition Development

A man working in an electronics lab

ACtronics – Market Research & Customer Insight

Loop Voice & Data preview image with the logo and two hand draw phones

Loop Voice & Data – Brand Development



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