The Challenge

Gratnells is a leading manufacturer of tray storage solutions, exporting their products to over 40 countries and producing three million storage trays a year. Every secondary school and almost every primary school in the UK have Gratnells tray storage in their classrooms – I’m sure you’ve seen one. Gratnells came to KG Moore with a desire to enter new markets and grow brand awareness outside of their niche market.

The Solution

The veterinary market was the first new market – and a low risk market entry strategy was formulated. The chosen marketing activity consists of a number of multi channel marketing methods including video, blogging, social media, PR and advertising  – all based on a content plan which positions Gratnells as a leading authority on storage solutions for the Veterinary medicine industry.


Kim is a brilliant strategist and has left no stone unturned in getting the research, strategy and tactical plans developed for the veterinary market. Her project management skills are at an extremely high level, and her attention to detail is impressive.

James Hammond

Marketing and Sales Director

Project Details

Client: Gratnells


Loop Voice & Data preview image with the logo and two hand draw phones

Loop Voice & Data – Content Production

Loop Voice & Data preview image with the logo and two hand draw phones

Loop Voice & Data – Brand Development



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