Case Study

How TT Education used market insight to grow brand awareness and UK market share

We conducted market research to gain a view on the market’s perception of remanufacturing. This Insight was used to shape and develop the company’s strategic marketing plan.

TT Education

ACtronics is a leading European remanufacturer of automotive electronic components. With its HQ in the Netherlands, the company started trading in the UK market in early 2010.

The Challenge

After a year of trading, KG Moore was contracted to conduct some market research. One project led to another project, assisting them with growing brand awareness and their market share in the UK – a market very different to the European market.

The Solution

Initial research was conducted to determine the perception of remanufacturing in the UK market.  A clear marketing plan was developed, with online marketing tactics playing an important role. A content plan was established with thought leadership playing an important part, educating the UK market about the benefits of remanufacturing, reshaping perceptions, building confidence with the ultimate objective of driving revenue.

We also supported ACtronics with developing a social media strategy which was implemented by a new internal resource. We supported the new resource by providing consultancy on how to strengthen activity and oversee the results, using data to improve engagement. After a period of a few months, the in-house resource was able to run with the activity independently – also winning social media awards.  Success!!


Because of her expertise we anticipated great results from the market research and customer insight work Kim undertook for us. We got a good view on where we needed to change or adapt certain procedures within our company. Also it gave us insight of what our customers need and what service they expect from companies like ours. I would recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a good marketer.

Thijs Jasink

Project Details

Client: TT Education

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