Push On Interview Series

Stories of Resilience through adversity

Every Thursday at 2 PM (BST) we interview business owners to gain insight into how they push on through difficulty. Visit our Events Page to see our upcoming list of Push On interviews.


Push On with Joe Glover

This Push On story features the positively lovely Joe Glover, Founder of The Marketing Meetup.

The Marketing Meetup is a positively lovely community of 16,115 marketers, helping each other get better at what they do. Joe shares his thinking on how he stays positive, taking things day by day.

Push On with Anna Yell

This Push On story features Anna Yell, Owner of a home-based business, Delce Gels.

Anna has blossomed during the pandemic, taking on the challenge that closing up shop imposed on her. She shares her story of how she used her time, stayed positive and is preparing for reopening.

Push On with Gary Riches

This Push On story features Gary Riches, Franchisee and Owner of Driver Hire Colchester.

Gary’s abundance of positivity shines though as he shares his stories and tips on how he keeps focussed and productive.

Push On with Anne Khan

This Push On story feature Anne Khan, owner of the iconic DX Rollerworld in Colchester Essex.

Having purchased the venue only 18 months ago, Anne and her husband Jason lean on each other to keep their 3 family-run businesses moving forward. Listen to Anne share her story and open her heart as she discusses the challenges they face.

Push On with Katrina Wade

This Push On story features Katrina Wade, owner of Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic in  Colchester Essex.

Katrina encourages business owners to remember their reasons why they started their business in the first place, and use that as a driving force to keep going. Listen to Katrina share her story and about the challenges shes faces running a clinic.

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