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Story Telling as part of your Social Media Strategy

We all like a good story and we are much more willing to listen to a story than we are to listen to a sales pitch.  Yet so many people seem to use social media as another way to publish their latest pitch.

Tell a story. Show a bit of yourself. Build a relationship and listen. Don’t just jump in and blurt out your pitch or worse, pose a question that is clearly planted to lead into your sales pitch. Ask questions to learn and engage in conversation. There is no better way to do this than with customers and employees.

Every social media strategy needs to include customers and employees. The people who are using social media effectively have figured out how to do this.

I know I am one to talk.

I need to make more time for social media. I like to use LinkedIn, and now I am starting to use Twitter. Soon this site will have share functionality.

Don’t be afraid to interact with customers. Even if they complain, you can fix the problem and they will respect you for that. And they are more likely to stay with you if you are engaged in conversations with them.

Start with something manageable. I am committing to two blog posts a week and 5 tweets a week, providing I have something of value to say.  Already, my activity is resulting in some potentially good business relationships. Give it a try and see what happens for you. But remember to tell a story, show a bit of yourself.  That’s why it is called “Social” Media.  Please don’t just pitch.

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