The making of a movement #cuppakindness

The #cuppakindness movement started as a request for help. As we entered another national lockdown, we decided to turn that simple request into something that could benefit all of Colchester.

Together with members of our Colchester Local Business Cooperation Group on Facebook, and the Colchester Community Group, we are working to bring an old Italian tradition, Caffè Sospeso to Colchester.  We’d love to build a community where Caffè Sospeso is on every menu. We want to see people buying others a cuppa, and people using the tags, feeling the warmth of the drink and the kindness of the community where we live.

Here’s how it got started

Gary Riches, franchisee of Driver Hire Colchester, reached out to Kim Moore to identify a cafe that Driver Hire could donate money to, to provide food and drink for someone in need. Bakeoffee was a natural fit,  as Emma and Colin Moore who own Bakeoffee, a family run bakery and coffee shop in Colchester, were active members in the Business Cooperation Group.  Gary and Colin both served in the forces, and wanted to offer something for veterans.  Francis at Made & Found, another coffee shop in town quickly joined in. The tradition of leaving a cuppa hanging, for anyone who needed one, would now happen in Colchester, helping to lift community spirits.

So what is Caffè Sospeso?

Caffè Sospeso is the act of buying one coffee, but paying for 2, leaving one hanging (suspended) for someone who needs it – no questions asked. Simple tags will be hung in the coffee shop window, offering coffee, tea, cake a sandwiches – whatever the cafe chooses to offer. Anyone facing hard times, can take one of the tags and receive the food and drink.

The Caffè Sospeso movement originated in Naples and has then been taken worldwide with thousands of cafes and bars across the world joining in. The Caffè Sospeso traditionally keeps the identities of the one who paid for the coffee and the one who receives the coffee a secret. When you buy a Caffè Sospeso, it is an act of kindness. You’re not just supporting someone in need, you are helping to restore their dignity. 

Join the Movement

Kim and Francis, from Made and Found

With Bakoffee and Made & Found pioneering the movement in Colchester, there is hope that more coffee shops will join the movement and place a Caffè Sospeso on their menu. A number have already joined us, including Sir Isaacs Artisan Coffee, Bad Owl Coffee, Victoria Yum and Passage House. Participating coffee shops will be listed on, a local listing site bringing businesses and communities together.  

Local residents and businesses can support the movement through buying Caffè Sospeso, making sure there is always one hanging for anyone who has fallen on hard times. 

Just remember to use the hashtag #cuppakindness and help build the movement and lift community spirit. 

You can find more information and register your interest in supporting Caffè Sospeso Colchester

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