The Moment The Sign Came Down

Today’s the day when the sign came down, But it’s not just the day when the sign came down. This is the day I say goodbye. 

11 years ago, I started freelancing and I started freelancing because I could no longer take on a full time job. I had just been working at Vodafone and we had all been made redundant. And while all that was going on, my husband was very ill. He was an alcoholic and he was in and out of rehab. I also had two small children, and most of my time was spent trying to juggle everything. So when I was made redundant I made the decision to freelance, so I could have more flexibility to work around the kids and to be at home more with my husband, to help him with his recovery. Freelancing just gave us the flexibility that we needed. And so I started trading through his company name, which was CG Moore, Christopher Glen Moore. 

It just saved me the hassle of setting up the company, which I had no idea how to do. So I just started trading through his name, but then when I left him, when we divorced, I set up KG Moore because it just seemed like the easy thing to do. And that’s how KG Moore, the name came into being because it was an easy transition from one name to another. I was worried about brand recognition and the brand value that I had already created through CG Moore, so it was a natural extension. But with everything that’s going on right now I’ve been preparing a new brand for a completely different sideline project to be a social enterprise that supports people who love an alcoholic, that’s called Blossom Bottle, and it’s a new brand i’ll be launching soon. It’s something I’ve been really, really proud of. I have been in the office today to practice my TED Talk (some pretty amazing things transpired) and also on the same day, they show up to take down the signs. 

When someone gave me the idea of my brand name, it just all made sense. So, today isn’t the day when the signs come down today is the day when I say goodbye. It’s not about KG Moore. It’s about saying goodbye to Christopher.

He was my one in million. It’s now three years since his death, I’m still working through the grief. Obviously you can see that I’m still working through the grief because when you love an alcoholic, it’s hard. It’s really, really hard. The memories stay, the pain stays. The guilt stays. Everything stays. Even the name you pulled on to. It’s time to let go. I’ve been working through this for quite some time now. It’s time to let go and it’s time to say goodbye. I am going to say goodbye to KG Moore, goodbye to CG Moore, goodbye to Christopher. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to grow forward. Working through this has been hard, but has been good. It’s good for my kids to see us moving forward. It’s good for me to move forward and it’s time to blossom. Chris will always be in our life and we move forward with him. We don’t move on. We move forward. And he’s a part of our lives every day. When I look at my kids’ faces everyday, I see him. He was a big character and one that we all truly loved. 

This marks the day when I start making plans for the new brand Blossom. Blossom is about helping others blossom, helping your brand move forward and blossom to its full potential. Helping individuals blossom in the marketing careers, through coaching and mentoring. So Blossom will be all about consultancy, marketing consultancy and coaching. It will be about helping people move forward, letting go of what’s holding them back and moving forward into what can help them become greater and achieve their true purpose. 

Join me on the journey as we blossom together. Thank you. 

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