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The ultimate way to create valuable content

Content generation might seem pretty straightforward. Give a copywriter a quick brief and ask them to write an article.

Alternatively, you could choose from a variety of pre-written articles available online from just £9.99. That’ll do the trick right?


I’m a copywriter. Let me tell you about a typical working day.

The other day I went to work in the offices of KG Moore’s client Anchor Safety, an arrangement that will continue weekly as KG Moore supports the company with implementing the marketing strategy that we have devised and mapped out. Anchor Safety specialises in the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to a number of industries from automotive and engineering, to food and pharmaceuticals. There’s a lot to learn about this business. And that’s why I’m working from their premises.

From my client’s office: I can build product knowledge

Anchor Safety supplies thousands of different products to hundreds of customers. To complicate matters, each of the products has multiple layers of information attached to it. My role is to learn about as many products as possible and understand why they’re suited to one job but not another. By being in the office, I have access to endless catalogues, product data and the knowledge of the people who deal with the products and talk to customers all day. And with this information, I can write stronger case studies and product descriptions, ask customers more informed questions in interviews, monitor other, similar products on the market and create more targeted articles.

I can get to know my client’s employees and business processes

Working at Anchor Safety, I’m right in the thick of it. I get to know my client’s employees – product specialists, sales people, accountants, customer care staff, operations managers, to name a few. I can learn what they do and how they do it. I can better understand who the client’s partners and suppliers are, what sort of supply chain the business employs and what technology it uses to manage processes. I can see with my own eyes the processes in place in the warehouse, and hear the conversations employees have with business partners.

Why do I need to know this? So I can create content with true depth. Because I can approach the right people with my questions. I can write clearly about how the business can respond so quickly to its customers, and understand the logistics behind its seamless, error-free service.

I can learn about customers and their needs

Anchor Safety focuses on the supply of PPE to five key industries. From my desk, I can develop an understanding of the needs and challenges of different industries and, more specifically, individual customers. The PPE requirements of Anchor Safety’s automotive customers, for instance, vary greatly from those of a food manufacturer.

Gradually, I’ll learn about the daily challenges faced daily by customers’ employees. Why do they need PPE supplies? What would happen if they didn’t get the right supplies on time, if they were forced to use unsuitable equipment, or none? How would that impact the business financially or legally, or in terms of health and safety? And what are the regulatory requirements of the different industries that use PPE supplies?

I can ask these and other questions all day. I can listen to conversations Anchor Safety’s employees have with customers and hear their concerns. I’ll begin to recognise the patterns in orders placed by different customers from different industries, and get an idea of what’s most important to them.

Then, I can write informative content about the importance of the client’s offering, why it’s crucial that it’s consistently available, complies with regulations, and is delivered to the right place at the right time.

I can better understand the competition

While I’m working so closely with employees, I can discuss Anchor Safety’s position within the market. Who are its competitors? Why do customers choose this business and not others? What can it offer that its competitors can’t, and why? With this knowledge, I can focus on the information that counts – the client’s unique selling point – helping it retain existing customers and attract new ones.

I can witness changes as they happen

Anchor Safety’s product line is constantly evolving to meet supply and demand. New product lines are launched, incorporating new materials or technologies, or offering adaptations that meet industry requirements or new regulations. I’ll witness product launches from my desk. And I can get involved in the marketing of these to customers and develop more timely content that shows off our client as a market leader.

It’s no wonder that many briefs miss the mark.

As a copywriter, I want to deliver value to my clients. And to do this, the copy I create should accurately reflect my client’s identity and values, its products and services, conveying knowledge and expertise. Today, vague, generic copy won’t get noticed or do its job. By working from within the offices of my client, I can immerse myself in the business and represent it effectively.

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