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Traits of an Effective leader

We can all think of some amazing great leaders. But can we agree on some common traits that make someone a great

A recent discussion on a LinkedIn group got me thinking about the key skills that are required to be an effective leader. Many of the comments made in the discussion were great and raised some valid points. I felt the need to sum up a number of qualities, as well as to point out the need for empathy and self-awareness.

I’ve come up with a few points which have been derived from my experience managing teams and working with clients.

The traits that make a  great leader:

The ability to define objectives and tasks.

The ability to see the big picture and to plan.


The ability to brief others effectively, so that can carry out their delegated tasks.

The ability to delegate!

The ability to put controls in place.

The ability to evaluate performance – and adjust tactics and activities when necessary.

The ability to coach and motivate.

The ability to organise.

The ability to lead by example.

All of these traits are required for business success. But I do believe there is more – and it’s something that you’ll clearly see in every great leader. Emotional intelligence.

I believe it is self-awareness and the willingness to continue to develop leadership skills, coupled with empathy and the motivation to become a better leader which makes a great leader. Social skills are also a must, as leaders need to cultivate strong relationships with key stakeholders.

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