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Use Video on your Website

Videos can be interesting. And visitors to your website are more likely to stay longer and return if there is something interesting to watch. As a marketing manager, video has made my life easier. Here are 10 ways that video has helped my clients and how it could help you too:

1. Use video to demonstrate how a product works
Showing someone how a product works is far easier and more effective than trying to explain it in writing. Writing compelling marketing propositions can be a challenge with some products and services.

2. Use video for training purposes
It can be a challenge to train everyone, especially remote workers or 3rd party agents. Creating a training video that they can watch in their own time overcomes the barrier that distance can create.

3. Use video to improve customer experience
Customers don’t always do things they way you want them to. A video can explain your processes step by step.

4. Use video to give your company a face
Companies like to know who they are dealing with. Show them. Let them hear you speak and get a feel for you as a person. People don’t just buy products and services. Quite often they need to buy into the person selling to them.

5. Use video for SEO benefit
Search engines like video, so use it to drive traffic to your site. Make sure to add targeted key words when you title and tag your video.

6. Use video to promote special events
Help build momentum and excitement for your event by giving your audience a taster of what they can expect on the day.

7. Use video to stand out from the competition
Take a leap in front of your competitors and start using video before they do. Make sure you have a plan. Video usage should be part of your marketing communications plan.

8. Use video for customer testimonials
If your lucky, you’ll have a customer who isn’t camera shy. Let them sing your praises and let everyone hear how good your services are.

9. Use video to showcase your expertise
You could use video to share your knowledge and the knowledge of the people in your team. You can also use video to highlight capabilities at your premises. Give them a tour and show them how you operate.

10. Use video to drive customer engagement
Customers like to be involved and their loyalty to you will increase if you give them the opportunity to be involved. Ask for video clips of them using your products. Use video for competitions. If you sell through a 3rd party channel, get them to use your video on their websites.

These are just some of the benefits that I have experienced working with my clients. I am sure there are many more benefits. DO you have any stories to tell? please leave a comment. I would love to hear about your experiences – good or bad.

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