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Using social media to increase website traffic

If you are struggling to attract visitors to your website, using social media could be part of the answer.

Getting your website to work harder for you should be a critical part of your marketing activity. The role that social media can play often gets overlooked. This seems surprising to me, as it is one of the most cost-effective means of communicating your message and can offer a reported ROI as high as 3:1 according to Brand Republic.

While many companies do have a presence on social media platforms, the majority are unaware of how to use it to their greatest gain. It is not simply a matter of communicating any message and expecting to reap the rewards, the message needs be engaging and most importantly needs to provide something of value to your consumers. Having a clear content strategy will enable you to focus on developing the right content, rather than wasting time and budget on messages that don’t support your business objectives.

When you share good content, your followers will share it with others. This helps you get your brand in front of a wider audience – building your brand awareness. It can also drive traffic to your website if you include links in your posts, to relevant pages.

Companies need to scrutinise how they appear on social networks and devote more time to planning and improving their content, as the results from effective social media activity can be truly remarkable. The focus needs to move away from the hard sale, to instead having an emphasis on creating and building relationships, through content that people want to read and share.

Latest reports are suggesting that the younger generation are increasingly using social media as opposed to search engines to discover new websites of interest. Having a strong and credible social media presence is essential. Especially now as search engines are taking the strength of your social media profile into consideration. Grow your followers, share great content and monitor your results. Soon you’ll see more website traffic from your social media posts.

If you require help with determining which social media platforms to use, or with developing a content marketing strategy get in touch.  We’d be happy to support you. We can even help with writing content.

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