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What Marketers do all day – the whole truth revealed

What do marketers do at all day at work? If there is one thing about life as a marketer, it is certainly never boring. And with the pace of change in marketing, we are always on our toes. Changing technology and Google make sure of that.

Marketing today is incredibly challenging. Everyone wants results. Few have the budget to pay for it. And in the wake of Brexit, many a marketing budget is being cut.

When asked what we do all day, often we marketers don’t do ourselves any favours. Instead of explaining what can be quite complex, we use our talents to simplify the complex. Some say they colour in the lines. Other say they do pictures or words. Or they build websites. Clearly, it is not as simple as that – and we want to show you why.

We will be posting a weekly marketing blog (and eventually a Vlog) giving you some insight into what marketers do all day. You can use the information any way that suits you. Perhaps you might be considering a career change. Or maybe you are a business owner wanting a glimpse into what a strategic marketing agency does. Follow along for a useful glimpse into our activity and the activity of other marketing agencies around Colchester. You might just see something that enables you to improve your own marketing activities.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that you will.

A short list of what marketers do all day

Here’s a look into some of the things that we will cover. If there’s anything else you’d like to see. Let us know. We’d be happy to add it.

Campaign planning
Marketing Project Management
Use of strategy tools
Content marketing
Email marketing tactics
Data Segmentation
CRM integration
Graphic Design
Web Development
Marketing automation

Whatever your motivation, make sure to subscribe to Strategic Insights and follow along for a glimpse into what marketers do all day. This is going to be fun!

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